Simple tips to reduce your stress RIGHT NOW for when the “hamster wheel” feeling is leaving you out of control!


The first thing we must realize is that stress is inside us. That is the only way we can be empowered to change it, right?

Initially, when we see something horrific, hear it or feel it, our body responds to run, fight or freeze.

Later, when we are no longer IN that event, our brain will replay it over and over so we remember it, keep our self safe, focus on it and never forget. It does this automatically “for” us. However, what it does automatically may not be beneficial and serving us.

The problem is that when we focus on something negative, our brain sends out crazy hormones that cause us to have that hamster wheel feeling.

So how do we forget? How do we keep the wisdom, but…

To fear or not to fear.. that is the question!

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The fear of illness could be the cause of you getting ill!!
Stress is responsible for 90% of illnesses and it makes sense.
Stress inhibits your body’s ability to have a strong immune system.
Your body will run from a bear BEFORE healing your cold.
The subconscious determines what is most important and shuts down all other systems to respond quickly.

That is what fear does to our body.

An immune system that is shut down (so the body can respond to fear) will ONLY be more susceptible to illness.
The fear of illness could be killing you…

~It’s the thought that counts~

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Some of us have lost our best friend and don’t know how we will ever get over it. “It gets easier, but it never goes away,” is commonly spoken by those who long for their beloved pet.

Grief is described as, “ Deep sorrow, especially that caused by someone’s death,” by google dictionary.

Deep sorrow is a state of mourning, loss and pain. I have felt the physical pain from the death of a pet. My body had pain specifically in my stomach and heart area. I FELT it. It was real pain and loss.

Be happy you are not one of them!

Defined as, “ Extremely self-centered with an exaggerated sense of self-importance”.

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All they do is think about themselves. What feels good to them. What is good for them.

I hear a lot about narcissism in my industry.

Be happy you are not one of them. Chances are you have been in a relationship with one though.

Consider, however, that as we think about one of them, concentrate on their actions, reactions and selfish ways, who we are feeling sorry for.

I laid on the bed sobbing for hours. Literally in too much pain to get out of bed. My children…

How to handle your child’s emotions

As a mom of 3 kids — one of them not even 2 years old yet, I found myself going through a divorce. I didn’t find myself there, I guess I planned it. I actually filed for the divorce.

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It was a decision to get my mind straight for I had given myself the only rights of co-existing a painful relationship because I was looking to be the cure. The balm of a hurting man that could not connect appropriately. I was jaded. I was humbled. I was grateful — a way out of the trapped marriage I was in.

It is an experience. It is a thorn.

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Just as if someone walked up to you and put a sliver in your arm, you could stare at it, be shocked, be hurt … you could talk about it, complain about it, build a shelter around it, not let anyone else touch it.

You could spend so much time focusing on it and noticing it that you can’t even enjoy your life.

You could quit picking up thing with that hand as it might hurt your arm.

You could anticipate all the ways you can’t do anything because it’s going to hurt — even before it hurts!

You can…

Could I really be in pain because of stress?

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When our mind continues to think about stressful events, the body continues to produce stress hormones long after an emotional or traumatic event occurs.

Even though it is over, our mind can not seem to release the memories. The memories then impact “reality” of the event being over.

There are undeniable connections between emotional stress, trauma and physical pain.

Literally what you think about, your body believes. (This includes things you see on tv, phones and video games.) Then it creates hormones to fight, freeze or run.

These hormones inhibit the immune system.

How many of us just wanted to be popular in school?

How carefully would watch that one popular person.

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We copied what they:


talked like,

dressed like,

did their hair like,

what they thought was funny and

what sports they were in

and we copied it. We copied it … thinking if we could be more like them, we could be liked, loved and important.

We became a diluted them.

Maybe in doing that we lost our own importance, our own drive, our own purpose.

Are we still in a popularity contest?

Think of FB or Instagram!

How we focus on likes and comments to prove whether or not…

~We are driven by THEM. We are THEMING ourselves to death!~

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Comparing will have you losing every time!

How do winners stay calm and only compete with themselves? How do they find the impulse to look to their own desires and not look at how everyone else is doing? How do they focus on results and goals that they set on and not even seem to notice you?

Yet you are constantly focusing on their achievements. It may be that you have someone in your mind right now that is your competition “nemesis” and that that is who you chose to focus on and beat… so you can WIN! …

What to do when nerves influence your success…

Focused. Zoned in. Making it happen. That was the goal. It was she needed to put together to get to the jump and over it in a succession of strategic moves that was rehearsed ad nauseam.

She KNEW the goal.

She worked harder than ever. It was time to achieve. She rode her horse hundreds if not thousands of times and knew what to expect. She had flawless runs in practice but she was fundamentally aware of the nerves that affected her performance. She’s an experienced rider but STILL struggles to overcome…

Tammy Magnuson

Stress coach to influencers: I know the secrets to your stress. No more hamster wheel spinning you out of control. Create your impact! Make a difference.

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